We are always looking for
great writers to join our

If you have a passion for storytelling and want to use your journalism skills to
preserve family histories, improve healthcare and transform lives for the better,
consider working with us.

Apply to Write for MemoryWell

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What qualities do we look for in our writers?

In addition to a solid command of the English language, we value writers with writing expertise, like good listening skills, sensitivity, efficiency and time management. You don’t have to be a professional reporter, but we will look closely at your writing samples. We’re seeking people with a way with words and the ability to craft non-fiction from interviews and biographical data.

Do we pay?

Yes! As former journalists ourselves, we know the value of good reporting and writing and, with the exception of occasional special volunteer projects some choose to do for charity, we pay our writers.

How does compensation work?

MemoryWell pays a flat fee to writers for each story produced.

How long does it take to produce one MemoryWell profile?

This depends entirely on the writer, but it should not take more than three to four hours. A real pro who has the system down can do a MemoryWell in under two hours.

What languages do we work in?

At the moment MemoryWell works only in English but we’d love to have writers with additional language skills. We’re especially excited about writers who can speak and/or write in Spanish or Chinese.