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CMS-Approved Supplemental Benefit for

SCAN Embrace Members Entering Hospice Care

Every person
has a story.
Every story is worth sharing.

SCAN is offering its members professionally written life stories to help them share what matters most to them with their families and their care providers. These stories are lasting keepsakes for families and improve the well-being of people with serious illness.

Three Benefits of Life Storytelling
for People With Serious Illness

Improving Care

Life stories help care providers learn more about the people,

values, and experiences that mean the most to their patients,

so they can understand more than their medical needs.


Promoting Patient Well-Being

When patients share important life experiences, they're able to articulate what is meaningful about their lives.

This process promotes well-being.


Bringing Families Closer

Sharing stories with the next generation brings the family closer, providing a powerful sense of continuation and showcasing the mission of hospice.

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How It Works

Once you confirm your participation in this supplemental benefit with your hospice coordinator at SCAN, MemoryWell will reach out to arrange an interview time. Life story interviews take 45 minutes and can happen in person or virtually.. Family members are also welcome to participate in the interview if it's helpful. Within a few days, you will have a beautiful story to read and review. You can make any changes you would like to see.


Patient privacy is important to us.

A life story is a gift for each patient and their family. It's up to them to decide how they want to share it. Each story is password-protected and others must be invited to view it.

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"They take the time to get to know me and my family, which means a lot, rather than just treating me as a medical patient. They get to know me holistically. I would say they not only care for me, they care about me." - Patient using MemoryWell