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Reconnect Physicians With The Reasons They Chose Medicine Through Stories

Healthcare organizations are seeing record levels of staff burnout and dissatisfaction. In 2021, almost 63% of doctors showed signs of burnout compared to 38% in 2020, according to the AMA. Staffing shortages and chronic work burden from Covid-19 have left many healthcare professionals frustrated and exhausted.

Just 57% of physicians last year indicated they would choose to become a doctor again down from 72% in 2020, according to the AMA.

MemoryWell can help.

We write brief professional bios for healthcare professionals, based on a 20-minute interview. Bios highlight each physician’s professional training, and also their human side.

Through storytelling, we reconnect physicians with the inspiration

that brought them to medicine in the first place.

Bios are easy to share with patients, through a QR code to MemoryWell’s platform, or through your own internal communications. MemoryWell’s collaboration with Vituity has resulted in improved patient satisfaction and brought added benefits to providers.

Here are two ways that Providers benefit from our professionally written bios.

Improve Provider Wellness

At a stressful time, our bios recognize the hard work and commitment of healthcare professionals.

Improve Team Cohesion

In busy work environments, it’s hard for teams to get to know each other, particularly when there is turnover. Our bios help teams get acquainted with each other and forge connections more quickly.

Don't let staff burnout and dissatisfaction take a toll on your healthcare organization. Schedule a demo with MemoryWell today and see how our bios can make a lasting impact on your team.

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