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Improving Patient Experience Starts With Communication

Updated: May 9, 2023

Improving patient experience is good for care and also good for business. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, improved patient experience leads to:

  • Improved patient loyalty

  • Improved patient adherence to medical advice and treatment plans

  • Greater employee retention

  • Reduced medical malpractice risk

But introducing new patient experience initiatives can be difficult given scarce resources and time. Sometimes it means major system changes.

Improving communication between patients and physicians is a great start—and can go a long way toward building the trust and rapport that are fundamental to patient satisfaction.

MemoryWell’s Care Team Bios Introduce Health Care Professionals in a New Way

MemoryWell™ works with your care team to document and share their bios with patients. Our bios include not just medical training, but also the spark that inspired them to pursue medicine, and a few details that make them relatable to their patients, whether a favorite sports team or ice cream flavor. Our bios allow patients to see the person behind the mask.

Overwhelmingly, patients appreciate the chance to get to know their providers a little better. In one participating emergency room, where care team bios were shared with patients, 96 percent of patients surveyed said that learning more about their provider improved their healthcare experience.

One patient said:

“It explains to me how so much compassion comes from a very obviously busy doctor.”

Sign up below to schedule an appointment to learn more about care team bios.

“With a story, we are not just the person standing in front of them with a stethoscope.

We have a purpose and a mission.” — Dr. Julie Watkins-Torry, M.D.

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