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Boost Hospice Volunteer Engagement with Patient Life Stories

Hospice volunteers are an important part of the interdisciplinary care team, often playing a key role in patient and family support.

MemoryWell’s life story program creates new opportunities for volunteers to deepen patient relationships and facilitate better-coordinated care. It’s a unique volunteer opportunity that appeals to volunteers of all ages, including college students and medical residents.

That’s particularly helpful as CMS reinstates its volunteer requirements for hospice organizations in Jan 2024, ending the flexibility that came with the Covid-19 public health emergency.

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Here is how it works:

  1. MemoryWell provides Volunteers with a questionnaire to guide the interview and access to our HIPAA-compliant platform where they can upload their recording.

  2. MemoryWell produces a beautifully written life story within 24 hours.

  3. Volunteers bring the story back to the family for review. Family members can make edits and log into MemoryWell’s free portal and add photos or create a digital life story timeline for their loved one.

Volunteers enjoy the opportunity to deepen their relationships with patients and families.

“The life story interviews give me a way to get close to the patients, and the conversations can lead to other things that hospice can do to help them out,” says one Virginia-based hospice volunteer who has worked with MemoryWell.

She likes being able to give families a beautifully written story when she is done.

“Families are so busy trying to help their loved one that they don’t have time to do this, and then they just run out of time,” she says. “This is something I think they treasure after the person is gone.”

Ready to make a difference? Book a demo today and join MemoryWell in creating meaningful connections through life stories.


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