Empowering senior living communities to
provide person-centered care

Person-centered care is better care

Understanding the unique life experiences of residents empowers senior living communities to personalize their care and anticipate needs. More so than photo albums and lengthy social history forms, vivid life stories connect senior living communities and residents. We post these stories on a simple-to-use online platform; the stories are also printable so anyone who meets the residents can immediately learn their stories. We give voice to the voiceless.

simple tools, big impact

We've designed MemoryWell to make connecting with residents easy.

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    New-resident admission becomes faster and smoother for staff and families because we do the work for you, collecting valuable social-history information. Residents better adapt to new environments when staff understand them.

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    Residents' families can read each other's stories and begin to form community where little currently exists.

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    Help redirect and calm your most challenging residents by leveraging family wisdom.

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    Our MemoryWells ease transitions, helping smooth the continuity of care.

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