How long are your stories?

MemoryWells are long enough to be compelling and richly informative, but still short enough that caregivers can easily read them and refer to them as needed. Typically, this means they run about 450 words, plus photo captions and other media, but we can adjust that word count on an individual basis where necessary.

Can individual families also buy them?

Yes. Many individual families have used MemoryWell to improve care for their loved ones and help preserve their identities and life stories.

How do homes use them?

Homes use MemoryWells to show families how well they know their loved ones. They also help caregivers get to know residents as whole, well-rounded people with life stories that residents may otherwise have trouble telling on their own. MemoryWells give caregivers the tools to help soothe residents when they become agitated and to keep residents active and engaged by interacting with as individuals.

How do families use them?

Visiting someone you love who is living with dementia or another form of memory loss can be emotionally challenging and even scary. For visitors—especially younger generations who may not share many experiences with an older loved with dementia—MemoryWells are an invaluable guidebook for these visits, reintroducing the people we profile to their visitors and offering suggestions for activities keep a resident engaged, and to soothe them if they become agitated.

Why would we want a story?

MemoryWells improve care for loved ones by putting their personhood—their life experiences, passions and interests—rather than diagnoses at the heart of their identities. MemoryWells also improve family visits and become cherished family heirlooms that preserve the life stories and identities of the people we profile.

Do you need to have Alzheimer's and dementia to have your story done?

No. MemoryWells can improve care for anyone who wants to ensure that their individual identity and personhood, rather than simply their diagnosis, is front and center in their healthcare experience.

Who are the writers?

Our writers are experienced professional journalists from around the United States and the world.

Are the stories HIPAA compliant?

Yes, all MemoryWells are fully compliant with Hippa (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

If I want can you keep my loved one's story private?

Yes. You have full control over how public or private to make a loved one’s MemoryWell. A MemoryWell can be hosted on our site as a public tribute to your loved one, or made available only to select caregivers and family, or printed on a single page for your use alone. Your loved one’s privacy is our top priority.