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Moving my dad into long-term Alzheimer’s care was one of the hardest days of my life. And in the months and years that followed I was desperate to find better ways to ensure his nursing staff understood him like I did. None of his homes offered me any tools to provide a better experience for him when I was away.

MemoryWell grew out of that experience. As a journalist, I wrote his story down. His caregivers loved it because now they could understand my father so much better, and soothe him in tense moments by recalling for him family names or poignant details about his life. His near-daily rages subsided, and he got along better with his nurses. Capturing his story made all of that possible.

There are so many stories out there that we are losing every day. Our web-based platform makes your loved one's stories and favorite digital photos, music, and videos easily available to you and to their caregivers no matter where you are - a menu of stimulating engagement tools.

Here's the story I wrote for him that transformed his care. We're eager to chronicle your loved one's life and hear their unique story. Alzheimer's and dementia care communities can be isolating places for residents, for caregivers and for family. We aim to change that one story at a time.


Jay Newton-Small, Co-Founder of MemoryWell

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Jaynewton small

Jay Newton-Small, Co-Founder

Jay has been a national journalist for more than 15 years, writing for TIME Magazine and Bloomberg News. When her father moved into an assisted living facility, the staff asked her to fill out a 20-page questionnaire about his life. Instead, she wrote down his story. His caregivers loved it, and MemoryWell was born.


Theo LeCompte, Chief Operating Officer

Theo is a skilled operations executive who has managed complex projects for corporations, nonprofits, and the U.S. government. He believes that the best way to contribute to any enterprise is to know your own strengths and to put them to work in service of something that excites you. He joined MemoryWell to help build a product that will help bring peace to families and caregivers.


Michael Chandler, Managing Editor

Michael was a reporter at the Washington Post for 13 years where she covered education, gender, and family issues. One of the most meaningful stories she ever produced was a radio documentary about her grandparents. She chronicled their 66 years of marriage and their struggle to find a nursing home where they could live together in their final years as Joe's dementia progressed. You can hear it on NPR


Faran Negarestan, Director of Engineering

Faran is a technologist with 10+ years of experience in implementing information systems in diverse domains using different technologies. Before joining MemoryWell, Faran was a tech lead at Capital One. He is passionate about making positive social impact using cutting-edge technology.


Quality and experience

Steve gettinger head

Steve Gettinger, Editor

Steve Gettinger recently retired as deputy editor of Congressional Quarterly's weekly magazine. He served as an editor and reporter for CQ for 20 years, around stints as managing editor at National Journal magazine and as news editor at Bloomberg News. He authored a book about the revival of capital punishment in the U.S. His favorite piece of personal writing was a reminiscence about his mother, "The Zen of Alzheimer's," for The New York Times Magazine.


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